Looking for information on the old Weight Watchers diets and exchange programs?

Before points became a thing, Weight Watchers was a carefully designed lifestyle program that was patterned after the diabetic exchange plan popular at that time. Firmly rooted in nutrition and lower in carbs than traditional low-calorie diets, the older Weight Watchers programs were healthy alternatives to very low-carb plans like Atkins and Protein Power.

Here, you will find all of the information that I have been able to collect from across the web, personal communication with old Weight Watchers members, and my own recollection of what these plans consisted of when I was a Weight Watchers member myself.

Unfortunately, all of the booklets I bought and paid for decades ago disappeared after a divorce, so I have tried to reconstruct these lifestyle plans the best I could.

I also plan on adding information about past points programs for those who either can't afford to join Weight Watchers or those who prefer the old Weight Watchers programs better.

If you have any questions about the programs or have additional information you'd like to add, you can either leave a comment at the bottom of any article on this site, or contact me at:


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