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Colorful Hard-Boiled Eggs Standing in a Row

What's All the Fuss About Whole Grains? - With the push within the nutritional and dietary camps being so strong toward eating lots of whole grains today, this articles reveals the truth about where that push originated. HINT: It did not come from the medical community. 

Set Point Theory, Is It Real? - A few observations about the Set Point Theory that I could see within the low-carb community when I first started this blog.

The Dark Side of Low Carb and Low-Fat Diets - Nothing is ever all black or all white, and that includes nutrition. Learn why scientific evidence isn't always reliable, as well as the tricks that researchers and the media use to hide the truth. Includes some of my own experiences with dieting extremes.

Why Major Brand Sales are Falling (It's Good News!) - Processed foods can be expensive, lacking in nutrition, and tasteless when compared to homemade meals, but falling sales and consumer trends toward buying healthier products is forcing big brands to pay attention to what consumers want.

Is Fructose Dangerous? Sorting Through the Facts and Hype - Low-carb dieters call high-fructose corn syrup evil, but just how true is that? This article reveals why studies done on fructose are flawed, shares a few interesting facts, and includes an extensive list of whole foods that naturally contain fructose. You'll also discover the truth about what to watch out for so you can avoid fatty liver disease.

Can a Low-Fat Diet Prime You to Burn Sugar? - There's a lot of friction between low-carb and high-carb supporters, so this article looks at the truth behind the glucose scare. Learn where to place your focus when creating your menus and why absolute nutrients are better than worrying about dietary percentages.

Can Low-Carb Diets Cause Health Problems in Some People? - This article is a reflection on my low-carb path and asks if staying too low in carbs for too long can cause long-term health problems for some people due to elevated cortisol and very low insulin levels.