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Diets Don't Work! Here's a 3-Step Plan that Does!

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7 Strategies for Managing your Weight-Loss Goals

When it comes to weight-loss goals, the scale is not your friend, but neither are your clothes.
These are just two methods that can be used to keep track of where you are. There are ways to keep your mood up throughout the day, despite what the scale says, but you have to want to change permanently.

And while you can reward yourself for reaching a few short goals, your focus and desires will determine whether or not you reach your goals in life.

I have been ignoring the truth about myself and basing the amount of carbs I eat on what I think I want right now. And because of that, my blood glucose level is much too high again. I have just been eating what I want to for meals and snacks instead of what was best for me.

To correct that, I've decided to return to my pre-diabetes diet and get my numbers under control.

However, I am not going back to Atkins 72 to do this like I did before.

I don't want to eat just a dinner salad for an entire week, so this time, I'm going to u…

Here's What to Do if KETO Doesn't Work for You

Are you struggling to make a keto diet work for you?

Maybe, you read one of the Atkins books or did some research online and after reading about the blessings of nutritional ketosis, you decided to give it a try. You even picked up a bottle of Ketostix to check your urine for ketones.

You made it through Atkins Induction or the first 14 to 21 days reasonably well. The sticks said you were in ketosis, but now you're having second thoughts about your decision.

Your energy has tanked, you're starving all the time, and despite the fact that you know you're in ketosis, the pounds just aren't coming off.

Ketogenic diets are one of the hottest weight-loss plans available today. They promise an easy way to correct hormonal imbalances, improve cholesterol markers, control excess hunger and cravings, and reach your weight-loss goals without a lot of effort.

But the truth is, keto doesn't work for everyone.

7 Helpful Tips for Making Weight Watchers Freestyle Work Better for You

A large group of people are beginning to exit the latest Weight Watchers Freestyle program.

Are you thinking about doing the same thing?

I first got a hint of this, due to a comment left on my prior Freestyle article, but I've been seeing this tendency pick up speed over at Reddit, as well. More and more people are returning to the prior Weight Watchers program.

The flexibility of the latest program has a lot of folks upset because they know themselves well enough to understand that they need more structure in their eating plan than what the new Freestyle provides.

Freestyle isn't working as well as they hoped, so they are bailing on the new program and going back to what worked better for them: regular SmartPoints.

How to Know When It's Time to Walk Away from Keto

The discovery that my blood glucose control had degenerated into borderline diabetes put a major wrinkle into my decision to stop dieting and start living. In order to get the numbers to come down to a more healthy level, below the point where physical damage begins, I had to go back to Keto about five months ago.

Keto is the fastest and surest way to gain control over pre-diabetes. It often can correct insulin resistance in Type 2 diabetics so that medication, and sometimes even insulin, is no longer necessary.

How effective Keto is at improving your condition depends on the type of defect you have and how extensive and permanent the damage is.

For Type 1-1/2 diabetes, where you make some insulin but not enough to support your current diet, beta cells can regrow if caught soon enough. Keto normalizes your blood glucose without placing undo stress on the body.

Physical stress seems to be a major factor in determining whether a ketogenic diet is right for you.

What Dieting Can and Cannot Do for You

Let's be realistic. There are many things that dieting can do for you, sure. But there are just as many things that dieting cannot. And one of those things that losing weight can't do for you is to live your life. 
To really live your life.

It's common to blame being fat on the fact that life is tough, rough, and rocky most of the time.

It's also easy to point a finger at what you look like when you don't get the job that you really want. Money is in short supply, the girl or guy you've been interested in for weeks now still won't talk to you, and you were passed over for the latest promotion -- all because you're fat.

I Went Back to Keto Last Week

I can't believe I have to say this on an "after" low-carb blog, but I went back to Keto last week.

I'm not doing it alone this time, though. Both hubby and I had a traumatic wake-up call.

While shopping for groceries, hubby said that he needed to test his blood glucose level because his feet have been hurting him lately, and he was afraid that he might have pre-diabetes.

My brother-in-law has lost toes and a foot due to diabetic complications, and hubby doesn't want that happening to him.

"If I'm pre-diabetic, I want to know now, so I can make the necessary lifestyle changes."

Blood Glucose Results
I am already pre-diabetic but have managed to keep my blood glucose levels under control through low carb and moderate-carb diets. The blood glucose meter I had, however, was out of strips, so we went to Walmart and picked up a newer model.

The first test we ran on hubby wasn't all that bad.

I made a gluten-free pizza, since it has lots of carbs, and …