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How to Create Your Own Low-Calorie Diet Using Built's Do-It-Yourself Diet Plan

When it comes to setting up a calorie deficit that you can live with long-term, comfort is the name of game.

Everything on your diet should be yummy and contribute to reaching your weight-loss goal.

Don't leave your favorite foods behind. Create your own low-calorie diet that makes you feel happy and content. Built's "Do-it-Yourself" Diet Plan can help with that.

What We Can Learn From Dr. Atkins' Basic Method

Are you struggling with some of the "get with the program" ideals that were never a part of the original Atkins protocol?

The original Atkins Diet was intended to be a plan of personal evolution. Dr. Atkins invited the dieter to create a program they could live with for the rest of their life, so why is it so hard to accept the idea that low-carb diets do not work for everyone?

Travel the diet circuit for any length of time and you'll soon discover there are diet specialists that the individual weight-loss groups have silently nominated to be their authority figures of choice.

Some of these profiles are popular bloggers, while others have a bit more substance to their credentials, but there doesn't seem to be any particular method or qualification for obtaining the position. All you need is a stance of purity and a willingness to preach the orthodox religion.

Guess that means I'm out of the loop.

The Best Way to Lose Weight Dogma

Has self-responsibility and integrity died?

Sometimes, it feels that way when you look at how viciously weight-loss groups defend their one-true dietary religion.

Weight-loss plans are no longer seen as helpful tools. Today, they are creeds to live by. Tweaking is not allowed. Given the vicious climate within ketogenic circles, why is it so difficult to let go of low carb?

My Experience With the HCG Diet

The HCG Diet is a popular, very low-calorie, non-fat diet that also happens to be low in carbs.

The claim by the diet's author is that the diet will reset the hypothalamus, so you won't regain the weight after you move to a higher calorie diet. The program also includes taking HCG drops or shots to make your body think that you're pregnant.

While both of these points seem rather outlandish, people are having very good results by following Dr. Simeon's protocol. Since it's divided into diet rounds and gives you a break in between each phase of the diet, you only have to commit to one phase at a time.

Here's my experience with the HCG diet.

Is the Set Point Theory True?

Is overeating calories the only explanation possible for gaining weight on low-carb diets? 

There seems to be two theories. 

One is called the Fat Cell Theory and the other is the Set Point Theory. 

In this post, we are going to look at both possibilities and try to relate these ideas to what we've seen going on in the low-carb community.