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3 Benefits I Received When I Stopped Dieting and Started Living

Are you sick and tired of going on a diet?

Have you tried low carb, high carb, and everything in between?

Me too!

Over the years, I've tried dozens and dozens of weight-loss schemes, but nothing was sustainable. Eventually, I reached a point when I couldn't stand the deprivation any more, so I walked away.

Just like that, I stopped dieting and started living mindfully instead. The results have been amazing!

6 Lessons I Learned from People Doing Weight Watchers SmartPoints

Are you doing Weight Watchers?

Do you know how to make the best use of SmartPoints?

I spent a good deal of time this week watching videos created by Weight Watchers members and reading blogs to see what I could learn.

After writing down a lengthy list of observations, I analyzed the data and came up with 6 valuable lessons that I want to share with you.