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Here's What to Do if KETO Doesn't Work for You

Are you struggling to make a keto diet work for you?

Maybe, you read one of the Atkins books or did some research online and after reading about the blessings of nutritional ketosis, you decided to give it a try. You even picked up a bottle of Ketostix to check your urine for ketones.

You made it through Atkins Induction or the first 14 to 21 days reasonably well. The sticks said you were in ketosis, but now you're having second thoughts about your decision.

Your energy has tanked, you're starving all the time, and despite the fact that you know you're in ketosis, the pounds just aren't coming off.

Ketogenic diets are one of the hottest weight-loss plans available today. They promise an easy way to correct hormonal imbalances, improve cholesterol markers, control excess hunger and cravings, and reach your weight-loss goals without a lot of effort.

But the truth is, keto doesn't work for everyone.