Need help reintroducing carbs into your diet?

If a low-carb diet just isn't for you and you want to leave the state of ketosis, you can't just return to your old high-carb eating style or you'll regain all of the weight you lost. Low carb uses the starvation pathway to trick the body into giving up its fat stores during a time of plenty, so returning carbs to the diet must be done slowly and carefully, as if you were recovering from a famine.

If you want to leave ketosis, but don't know how to return carbohydrates to your diet without gaining weight, the following articles can help you do exactly that. While regaining the glycogen and water you lost during the first week or two of your low-carb diet is essential to health, there's no reason why you have to gain even an ounce of body fat.

Below you'll find everything you need to know to make the transition from low carb to a more balanced way of eating!

Colorful Hard-Boiled Eggs Standing in a Row
6 Essential Tips for Reintroducing Carbs Without Gaining Weight - Whether you've reached goal and want to return to a higher-carb eating style or you've decided that low-carb isn't working for you, this article outlines 6 of the best tips for transitioning from low carb to a moderate way of eating. With adequate protein, keeping an eye out for food sensitivities, and reversing your ideas about dietary fats, you can leave ketosis safely without gaining weight.

Use Self-Empowerment to Overcome Low-Carb Herd Mentality - If you're afraid to return carbohydrates to your diet, you are not alone. Many dieters have a huge fear of carbs. This article introduces you to the idea of herd mentality and helps you access your own inner power, so you can do what's best for you.